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Tarrant Tennis Bums' Rick Ivey Teams with Mel Woodward for Mixed Doubles Crown PDF Print E-mail

Rick and Mel wrapped up their first mixed tournament with a championship trophy.Fort Worth's own Rick Ivey and Mel Woodward, of Saginaw, won the 3.5 mixed doubles final of the LCCC WTA Mid-Year Indoor Doubles Tournament, held July 4-6 at Las Colinas Country Club in Irving. They defeated Irving's Carlos and Ruthie Lopez in the final, 6-1, 6-4. Ivey is one of the most colorful members of a very colorful bunch: the Tarrant Tennis Bums. Way to represent Fort Worth and, of course, our beloved Bums.

Sanchez Runs Tennis Camp at McLeland

The campers always warm up first.

Daniel Sanchez, who moved his tennis academy from Fort Worth's All Saints' Episcopal School to McLeland Tennis Center a few months back, holds a popular camp at McLeland Tennis Center on Fort Worth's south side. Tom Buell was happy to have Sanchez join his staff, and the players look pleased, too.

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Former Arlington Standout Discusses Making the Transition to Adult-League Tennis PDF Print E-mail

Carla and tennis-playing boyfriend Jason Kirsch.

Carla Cooper had great success as a junior with her sister, Chrissie, and her friend, Jason Lateko. These days, she plays TCD and is trying to fit in in the world of USTA-league tennis, which is quite different than what she was used to. She still travels to play in tournaments, but it's harder for working people to pull that off. Read more in Lisa's Tennis Talk.

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Vol. 4, No. 5: Send Your Tennis Questions for Tut's Take... PDF Print E-mail

Q: What was it like playing for the U.S. Davis Cup team that beat Cuba, 5-0, in 1952 in Havana?

A: Gardnar Mulloy was the coach of the Miami tennis team, and Pancho Segura was on the team
and won the NCAA three times. It was the kind of a deal where the player is as good as the coach. Segura always called him coach, which he was. So when I got the chance to play with Mulloy on Davis Cup, I called him coach.

Mulloy and Hugh Stewart played doubles, and I played singles. Stewart played the other singles. The idea was that all three of us were going to play. There were only three on the team. That worked out all right.

Cuba was not very threatening to us, although they weren't bad. They had two brothers on the team named Garrido, and of course I played both of them.

Orlando (L) and Reynaldo Garrido, played on Cuba's 1952 Davis Cup team. The pair later won the Canadian Open in 1959.The funny thing about this was that the more talented one [Reynaldo] was younger, but he was built more like a fullback--although very coordinated and fast. He was well-known in the states. They called Reynaldo "the beach ball," but not to his face. That's how we all knew him.

His brother, Orlando, was the better of the two at that time. Before my match, Mulloy said, "Just remember this: When you come to the net on the guy's backhand, he's going to go down the line every time." I thought, "Good to know, but I don't know how many times I'll go to the net on this guy."

So I take the lead and finally get an approach shot and go down the line--and he goes crosscourt on me. So I look at Mulloy and say, "What the hell?" and he just spits on the clay court. It's amazing that you remember that.

Tut Bartzen, the legendary TCU coach whose 16-0 record in Davis Cup play remains unequalled among Americans, lives in Fort Worth. He coached TCU tennis for 25 years, and the varsity courts are named after him. Send your questions for Tut's Take to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
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