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It's Child's Play for MATA PDF Print E-mail
Written by TennisFortWorth.com Staff   

MATA board members gathered at Apex Indoor Sports in Mansfield for their tourney.Mansfield Area Tennis Association (MATA) board members gave 10 & Under Tennis gear a workout April 8. Using kid-size rackets and low-compression oversized balls made their first tournament unique. You can visit MATA on Facebook.

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Former UT-Arlington Tennis Player Jason Lateko Joins FWTA Board PDF Print E-mail
Written by Lisa Jordan Kilborn   

New FWTA volunteer Jason Lateko is wearing a lot of hats these days.

The FWTA has brought on board a player with four years of collegiate-tennis experience at UTA. His name is Jason Lateko, and he is also a familiar face to TCU fans, as he works with the men's and women's coaches in different capacities.

Lateko assists TCU men's coach David Roditi at his high-performance training camps and helps Roland Ingram coach TCU's women's team. Lateko is from Arlington and has ample local knowledge. Read more in Lisa's Tennis Talk.

Peggy Brasko, the ever-energetic USTA captain and tennis ambassador from Arlington, does a great job of sending us photos and keeping us abreast of her teams’ achievements. The adorable shot below is of Brasko (left) with Ryan Harrison, whose name has become familiar to pro tennis fans in the last couple of years. They are joined by Janice Price and Anita Thomas. The ladies caught up with Harrison at the recent Irving Tennis Classic in Las Colinas.

“I have known Ryan since he was a young boy at Newk’s,” Brasko said by email. “His dad was a pro there. What a fine young man he is.”

Brasko and friends also participated in the recent Newk's event at Thorntree Country Club in DeSoto and attended the first-annual USTA captains' dinner in Colleyville. They will surely attend World Team Tennis, too, so feel free to meet up with them there. They are a guaranteed fun time.

(L-R): Peggy Brasko, Ryan Harrison, Janice Price and Anita Thomas.

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USTA Captains Live It Up at First-Annual Appreciation Dinner in Colleyville PDF Print E-mail
Written by Photo Editor   

These three USTA captains enjoyed a special night at the Piazza.Teresa Risley, NETT’s new Vice President of Outreach, has shared with us photos from the first-annual USTA Captains’ Appreciation Dinner, which was Sunday night at the Piazza in Colleyville. Enjoy the festivities with a special-edition photo gallery. Thanks Teresa!

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Burleson Boy Wins His Third ‘Little Mo’ Sectionals PDF Print E-mail
Written by TennisFortWorth.com Staff   

Christian and his family braved cold March temperatures.Christian Gonzalez won his third straight “Little Mo” Sectionals championship March 22 at Arlington Tennis Center. “He played very well considering the weather conditions: cold, windy, misty, etc.,” his father, Jose Alberto, said on Facebook. “Very proud of Christian. He defeated a very tough #1 seed opponent in the finals from North Carolina. VAMOS Christian.” Regionals is in May at ATC.

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Vol. 4, No. 3: Send Your Tennis Questions for Tut's Take... PDF Print E-mail
Written by Tut Bartzen   

Q: Our website visitors love reading your descriptions of the old days of professional tennis, especially when you mention players they have heard of but know little about. For example, how did "Gorgeous Gussie" Moran and Pancho Segura fare on Jack Kramer's pro tour, and who else played on it?

A: Jack Harris, who was a good promoter, promoted the tour with Bobby Riggs and Jack Kramer, and eventually Kramer and Riggs handled it alone. After Kramer beat Riggs, Riggs was out of the lineup, so they signed whoever won Wimbledon or Forest Hills to play a pro contract in the United States and Europe. This would have been in '49 or '50, when Kramer beat Riggs and was player and promoter.

It was a real tour but a small group. Generally, it was Pancho Segura, a good showman and a heck of a player, but who, day in and day out, wasn't the best player. Segura generally played another player of sort of that stature and won nearly all of those matches. That's how good he was. And then Kramer would play [Frank] Sedgman or [Tony] Trabert or whoever the current champion was, and then at some point they added women.

Scandalous tennis star "gorgeous Gussie" MoranGussie Moran was attractive and a pretty good player, and she would play Pauline Betz, who was a great athlete--but that's what Kramer was afraid of. They were there to showcase Gussie; she had all of that lace-panties thing and publicity at Wimbledon, and was big news and was very attractive, too. But when she signed to go on tour, it was a mismatch in favor of Pauline.

Kramer wanted Gussie to win sometimes, but Pauline was the best gal around at that point. But it didn't matter that Pauline won almost all of the time; Kramer figured no one would get as much attention as Gussie, because the scandal over her short dress at Wimbledon got her a lot of attention, so people wanted to see her.

Tut Bartzen, the legendary TCU coach whose 16-0 record in Davis Cup play remains unequalled among Americans, lives in Fort Worth. He coached TCU tennis for 25 years, and the varsity courts are named after him. Send your questions for Tut's Take to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
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